Thursday, September 9, 2010

the Thursday Thwarting

I am sooooo beyond frustrated at the moment!!
So this morning after my needles (there were 2, it was epic) in my eyeball I go downstairs to our friendly neighbourhood bloodlab to see the vampyres.

Frustration #1: There were a bazillion people who had been waiting a bazillion years to have their bloodwork, there were 2 lab techs but only one was drawing blood (hee hee drawing makes me envision them with crayolas and sketchpads sitting crosslegged on the floor at their victims feet saying "I'm going to draw your blood now, where's my red?") and the other was doing paperwork, which I understand, but there were big gaps of time where she could have been taking blood too!

Frustration #2: They got all the papers mixed up so some people who had just got there got to go ahead of people who had been waiting more than an hour! I just doing think that is fair. I do think that if someone has a fear of needles (like the one younger girl in there obviously did because she was pale and sweaty and looked like she wanted to run screaming away from the room!) that they shouldn't be made to wait so that their anxiety reaches a level that is hard to come down from.
Sidenote: I have friends who take Growth Hormone injections daily who are afraid of getting labs done, one big 6'6" guy has to lay down! it's much different having someone else in control of the needle when you are used to it being you!

Frustration #3: I know my body, that isn't my frustration, I know how it works, which veins are good and which veins merely have their makeup on so they look presentable but are really weak little things that'll cave at the drop of a hat! (they are the Paris Hilton of veins) My favorite tech is there but of course I get "new girl", lets just say I don't warm up well to "new girls" in the lab. I tell the tech, the vein you want is the one right under this freckle here, joking about how x marks the spot and whatnot. I say the one on the outside left looks promising but it'll collapse faster than you can say "boo". Which one does she pick? OUTSIDE LEFT!
aw hell......I wait, she gets some blood going and sycophantically (yes I DID just make up that word) says "see? it's working...nothing to worry about dear" which makes me want to shove her crayolas up her....ahem....anyway. 1/2 way into the first and teeniest vial it starts to sputter....sputter....sputter. grrr!

Why. do. medical. people. not. listen. and. seem. to. think. they. know. my. body. better. than. I. do?

I'm angry, we finally got the blood but I'm angry that people don't listen. I'm angry because they never listen. I'm angry because she had to route around and now I'm gonna have a gihugic bruise on my arm. I'm angry that because I look young, that people can disregard what I say and think they can do whatever the hell they want with my body!

My record number of sticks in one sitting is 26, they finally put it in the top of my head, I was 7. It was totally traumatizing, that is why I KNOW which veins to use! JUST LISTEN TO ME PEOPLE!

What's your record?


LadySidi said...

You're stronger than me, with dealing it. I probably would have snapped! I'm so sorry you had to go through that. *Hugs*

The Weary Zebra said...

I completely understand. Doctors can suck. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD! I LIVE IN THIS BODY, NOT YOU!

What the Fog said...

Oh wow, my record is 8 to start an IV. After 4 the nurse was crying and I had to comfort her... I was 16 at the time. But 26 as a little kid? That is torture! Sorry she didn't listen to you. Patti