Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sept 29th, 2010

today's post for "weakling Wednesday" is going to be a short one as I am stressed up to my EYEBALLS!
- I am being audited by the federal government because of my medical claims in the past year because this is the first year I have claimed my medical expenses. I just didn't know I could up til last year. so all my time is currently towards that, getting letters and documents from doctors, and they (the government) only gives you a MONTH to send in your receipts! Do they NOT know that doctors NEVER work that quickly. I wrote the letters for my General Practitioner as I have been asking for a letter to claim the patient conventions I do to since last spring!
- I have a docs appt tomorrow and my OT is coming with me, she (the OT) doesn't understand that I feel like crap most of the time and she's been harping on me to "get out of the house" more often, easier said than frikken done! I look fine therefore I must feel fine, I wish it worked like that! *sigh* she wants me to go back to work as a volunteer but I know that is codewords for "we wanna send your butt back to work since you've been off for almost a year" but nothing has changed since last year. I still have WILDLY unregulated sleep schedules, pain and fatigue. If I could go back to work, I would! I'd gladly trade this stoopid body and jump back in. My heart hurts, I miss it so much!
- my housemate is having surgery (to remove a throat tumour)on Monday in the city near here, but it's far enough away that I will probably have to stay home and won't know how she is doing. I'm beyond anxious about it!! I'd rather have surgeries than watch someone else! please pray for her, the doc and me and her daughter!

ok back to work on taxes!!
Soli Deo Gloria
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