Monday, September 20, 2010

more structure and more blogging! here i come!

Dearest readers

Now is the time. This girl is getting a little less a random, and a little more structured. Now that I have my voice dictation program on my new computer I have no reason not to blog every day. I've recently been inspired by a fragile Annie's blog which you can find by clicking here. She has different topics for every day of the week and I really like that idea.

So here goes, here's my new list of topics, and I'm imagining that all also have some randomness thrown in here or there for good measure. After all my name is chronically random!

I've decided that Monday's topic will be either modesty Monday or media Monday depending on my mood. For modesty Monday I will review one of my outfits and why I choose to wear modest clothing. On media Monday as the I will show you a song or a clip or a video of something that makes me smile or think.

Tuesday will be technical Tuesdays, I will either share at Tech Tip, a website that I love, which includes organizations and causes that I believe strongly in.

Wednesday's I have decided it will be weakling Wednesdays, this is where I (and hopefully you!) Will be able to rant about things that have annoyed us during the week, pet peeves and the like. We all need to have a safe place where we can talk about things that bother us. It's not really weakling Wednesday, none of us are weaklings!

To counteract Wednesday's topic I've decided that Thursday's topic will be called thankful Thursdays, this is where I (and hopefully you!) We'll talk about what we're thankful for, what we've enjoyed reading the week and things that make life better.

Friday, will be foodie Friday since I love to cook and share recipes! I have a wide variety of meals that I enjoy cooking, different styles and I'll always give ways that you can make cooking easier and save those spoons!

I'm far from perfect so I've decided that Saturday will be a day to confess things I don't like about myself or things that I don't like about the world, I like to call it sinful Saturday.

Sunday of course is a day of rest, but on that day I would like to share with you some of my favorite quotes from wise people, some quotes from the Bible and quotes from religious people.

So that is the plan, I will of course add my own random style and will probably add rants and stuff along the way!
I hope you enjoy this blog and my new structure! I'm really excited about it!!

Hoping you are well,
REformed anon girl

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Eddie Eddings said...

Sounds like a grand plan to me!