Thursday, April 16, 2009

hints of springishness

For most people, flowers or birds hail the first hints of spring, but for me spring is not officially here til I see the shiny paint and polished chrome of an old car like this one:

I was out for a walk today, and I saw a great beauty roll on by me.
I don't know what it is about old cars that I love so much.

Is it their durability? the fact they aren't made of thin steel and plastic. old cars are much like old people lol they are tougher, more weather resistant.

Is it the painstaking amount of time their owners or refurbishers put into them? heck ya! I think seeing the workmanship and dedication they put into their art is beautiful!

Am I attracted to the dazzling colours and sheer shiny-ness? abso-fricken-lutely

IS there a point to this blog? nope

Happy Spring!
REformed girl

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a bad blogger I be!

Hello dear friends!
I am afraid I am not very good at this blog thing.
I think of it often, in my daily existance things come up and I think "wow I'll have to write about that on my blog" and then inevitably the moment passes or I have trouble typing.

There are times when I look at other blogs and have what I have dubbed "blogenvy" (I know! I am so original eh?) because they have a clear theme and I do not. Ihope to be putting more scripture into my blog but not in a forced way.

I am hoping to blog more faithfully in the next few months. I really do enjoy it. It just takes energy and skills which I have not possessed in a few weeks.

Here's to new beginings and more blogging!
Thanks for stopping by!

REformed girl