Monday, September 27, 2010

Modest Monday (sept 27th, 2010)

Welcome to modest monday September the 27th of 2010!
First of all I'd like to explain what my version of modesty is because it seems like everyone's view on this subject is different. If I know I'm going to be in mixed company (boys and girls) then I tend to dress a bit more conservatively. If I am at home, I don't really have any modesty rules, as long as I'm planning to stay in the house, I wear what is comfortable, especially in hot weather. When going out I follow these simple guidelines:
- Skirts, dresses, pants and shorts all reach my knee or longer, I have one skirt that is a bit shorter but I wear legging capris with it. I generally wear bicycle shorts or capri tights underneath dresses and skirts because you never know when you are going to get "Marilyn Monroe"d by the wind
- If in mixed company or going to church, shirts need to have sleeves. Not be lowcut/revealing, elsewear I feel comfortable wearing wide strapped tank tops.
- Shirts are thankfully longer styles these days but I don't wear anything that can reveal my midrif (hee hee it's full of wholes from my injections so no one wants to see it anyway!)
- If I can't breathe, I don't wear it! I hate tight clothing!!
So this red dress is a new one I got from a store called Dynamite, it's made of super comfortable jogging suit type material but has a nice shape to it. I don't mind things that show a bit of my form as long as it's not too tight. I really like this dress and I'm glad I bought it, it's a bit more expensive then I would normally buy, it was $42. I always look for a new dress for Christmas time and I think I've found it early!!
The neck is called a cowl neck, I like it much better than turtlenecks!
Have a great monday!!
Soli Deo Gloria
REformed girl

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That's so pretty! :)