Friday, July 30, 2010

good newzes

I had a good day on Wednesday! I was still in pain but I didn't use my crutches because my arms where more sore than my legs and it would have hurt more to walk with them then without (hence the need to beg my doc for a scooter or electric chair because my arms can't push a manual chair)

I also have good news about my financial security, thank you to all of you who have been praying! I'll recap for any new friends, I used to work a full time job when I first got chronic 24/7 pain for a bout 2 years but I found that the fatique from not sleeping, the fatigue from working and the pain were just too much and I had to swallow my pride and admit defeat and go on medical leave.'ve been on medical leave since last fall and haven't had an income since March! Thankfully I am blessed that I had some money saved up so that I didn't go too far into debt. I just got approved for my long term disability through my work. I am hoping that maybe if I find a specialist that knows anything that I may be able to go back to work. I'm in a bit of a hard spot though, I can't work full time healthwise and I can't work part time and pay for my meds!! arg! fun times!! I have faith that it'll get all worked out!

I got to go out last night to my favorite store FABRICLAND and the girl there told me how to make a super cheap dressform! yay! I need to start working on my sister's wedding dress that I am making!!

I also got to chat with one of my friends on facebook last night too! It's awesome how much we have in common and how we could just prattle from one comment to the next! The conversation was great! :)

Sorry this is just a rambling post! I just wanted to let everyone know I'm alive and well and in a much better space!

Soli Deo Gloria
REformed annon girl

PS o hai to all my new twitter friends!! :) welcome to my little corner of randomness!


LadySidi said...

YAY for good news! <3

Eddie Eddings said...

I agree. Good news and your ramblings are a delight. (Fabricland I've never been to - nor do I ever want to go...gimme a used bookstore and I'll be happy!)