Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the reinvention of me

So it's been really hard for me the past few months, I had to stop working in October due to my health and my profession (as an assistant who cares for and supports 6 people with developmental disabilities in a live in capacity, kind of what I would assume is similar to a housewife but with pay, reportedly not a well-paying job for the amount of work required but something I can throw my heart into as I have no family of my own) was my life and my everything. I have been pleasantly surprised with just how much the people I work with (both the clients and the staff) have become my family of sorts. I have remained a close and respected member of the household, I visit often but I miss them all terribly and the loss of my identity has remained like a steady toothache (or maybe I should compare it, more appropriately, to my chronic pain which is always with me) so that I find myself reinvented.

So what am I?

A Christian, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an enemy, an o
ld woman, a lover, an artist, a strong woman, a weak person, extraordinary, a person who is disabled, not neurotypical, a craftsperson, a child, a smile, a ?, ordinary




li Deo Gloria

REformed anon gir

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