Tuesday, July 13, 2010

baby's back!

just wanting to let y'all know in cyberland that I'm back!

a few weeks ago I lost an entire week because of a medication reaction but during my brief lucid moments, I remembered and thought fondly of this blog and decided it was time to get back on this horse. I can't possibly update you as to what has gone on in the past few months/year but I'll do what I can to fill in some gaps tomorrow and for the coming weeks.

Thanks for your continued prayers, my fine friends.
Soli Deo Gloria
REformed anon girl in pain


Eddie Eddings said...

Good to hear from you again! I (along with others) was getting concerned. Welcome back!

stranger.strange.land said...

Hi, Reformed Anonymous Girl.

Welcome back to the "blogdom." I'm glad I stayed on as a follower and kept your blog on my Google Reader this past year.

Been prayin' for you.

In Christ's care.