Friday, August 6, 2010

a poem-like substance

I wrote this poem last night, when I write most of my poetry when I am unable to sleep because of pain and well, just being me. Hope you enjoy! it is Untitled as all my poems are. here goes!

In dreams.....
Pretty little girl
White dress seems to glow
Against verdant meadows
Brown eyes like a doe

head back laughing
She skips and dances
Eyes so sparkling
With the world's chances

She's so beautiful
Like a swirling butterfly
She sings like a bird
Up to the blue sky

She can do anything
Limitless possibility
So very strong
No such fragility

In reality.....

Pretty little girl
Blue hospital gown
Pale against bleached sheets
Brown eyes cast down

Head back in rest
She secretly dreams
Of where she's free
Instead of ripping at the seems

She's so beautiful
Bravely she fights
Not afraid of anything
Except the lonely nights

She needs help with everything
Struggling with possibility
Of a future stuck and mired
In limitless fragility

As she wins this time
She earns another try
Lips upturn in a smile
Another chance to fly

This has taught her
Love and passion
Enchanting butterfly
Soaring with compassion

Sickness touched her life
Now she helps others
Her companions in arms
Sisters and brothers

Helping to build
A shelter, a community
Where everyone fights together
We help each other be free

Look at the butterflies
See how the dance
A rainbow of colour
Brought together by chance

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Zoran said...

Thankyou for this poem. I am very glad you shared it with us over at and I know that it will help alot of people one day!! x