Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Please pray for me, I'm having a lot of issues with pain and coping.
thank you.
I hope to be up to blogging again soon but tonight, I'm just trying to cope.

Soli Deo Gloria


Eddie Eddings said...

Please let us know how you are doing. It has been a long time since we have heard from you and many are concerned. I pray you are feeling better. God bless you and your family.

Reformed Anon. Girl in Pain said...

thanks Eddie,
no one is concerned about me being MIA but you but I really appreciate your concern, you are too kind.
I'm just in a funk, I'm in so much pain and having a hard time getting any answers!
Also one of my good friends passed away on July 5th and I'm having a hard time still dealing with it. I was blessed to visit her daily in the hospital and I was with her up to the very end but I miss her so much and I keep being told that I should be over it by now.
I haven't been on any of my usual games (like Second Life) and I'm pretty sure my friends have all forgotten me. I'm feeling a little lost right now, but I'll get through it I'm sure. There is also lots going on in my life, one of my friends has a tumour on her throat and if it's cancer she is refusing treatment, if so she has about 10 months to live. I can't loose her, I really can't do it.
Thanks for your prayers.

Eddie Eddings said...

I am truly sorry for your loss and hope you can focus on the Lord Jesus Christ even more. My daughter has cancer and is going through chemo right now. Her little baby daughter is in a cast for three or four months that keeps her legs spread apart because of a dislocated hip she was born with...and my daughter can't even hold her because of her radiation treatments and weak condition. (see my blogs for more info) My wife and I have just moved to Kuwait (before we knew of my daughters condition - or we wouldn't have moved) and although, my wife went to be with her and help out for ten still kills her to not be there 24/7. Sometimes all we seem to have is prayer. Sometimes God wants us to know that fact by experience.
Once when I was depressed, I looked up into the sky and just watched the clouds changing shapes. I hadn't done that in years. Soon my thoughts were of God's great majesty and glory and my problems didn't seem so big. Hang in there. And when you start to cry, start crying to God in prayer. He will comfort you when no one else will. And no one else can comfort like He does.

Timothy said...
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Timothy said...
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Timothy said...

Miss you a lot, praying for you, hang in there,,Q said...

@Reformed Girl

Thinking about you (although we don't know each other). I've seen you on the Blog List in Calvinistic Cartoons.

I hope the Christmas season brings refreshing thoughts of our wonderful Savior to mind, and that you take advantage of every opportunity to converse with Him in prayer. I know He would love that.

Craig B

(Mojave Desert, Calif.)

Eddie Eddings said...

When you are able, please let us all know how you are doing. We are all concerned. I hope you have had the best Christmas ever!

Timothy said...

Merry Christmas, we miss you a lot,I hope you are doing better. Praying for you always.

Diane said...

Dear Random Girl,

At Eddie's recommendation I checked out your blog and notice that you haven't posted for a long time. I don't know what your condition is but I pray that God will give you the strength for each day and will raise you up again. I pray that you will be able to blog again sometime.

Truly, my heart goes out to you, and to Eddie also after reading more about his dear family on this blog.

I too have suffered for many years with "invisible" chronic illness. My experience may be different from yours, but for many years it was a completely bedridden and struggled just to make it throught each day. Or each hour for that matter.

I wrote a blog about Christians Living With Chronic Illness that will be featured at Rest Ministries. Although my particular struggles may not compare to yours, here is the post. I hope God may use it in some small way to bless and to encourage you.

May the Lord strengthen and bless you!

Diane at Theology for Girls