Saturday, February 7, 2009

proud frontline worker

I am a front line worker

I see it everyday

the valientcy of life

and living everyday.

I am a front line worker

the one who hears the hurts

I see the beauty

where "the others" see no worth

I am a front line worker

people say I'm special to do this

but I'm not really anything much

this is why I exist

I am a front line worker

I get paid with triumphs and smiles

when I help someone to learn independence

or help them dress with style

I am a front line worker

I get mad when people just don't get it

that the people I care for, are people

give them a little credit

WE are front line workers

WE make no decisions

that is for "the higher-ups"

WE ALL just have to live it!

This is a poem written in frustration on behalf of the many "front line" workers of people with developmental disabilities and more importantly the people themselves who have to trudge though rules and royal decrees by people in offices who don't do what we do, who don't know our clients as well and who are downright punitive at times.

Rules and decrees that smash down quality of life in favour of a life watered down for our clients.

I am disgusted. I am angry.

I am saying enough!

Soli Deo Gloria

a very angry (at the moment) REformed girl


Timothy said...

Hugs to a Calvinist,,, Q

Caf said...

bollocks to beaurocracy
a sham
a f***ing scam

Damn, the man, I hear ya on this one xx