Sunday, October 9, 2011

RIP Alexa Simmons, real friend.

I have been blindsided by the death of a very good friend. Now some might not consider Alexa to be my "real" friend as I knew her only on the Internet but I feel her loss just as much as if she lived down the street from me. She was an amazing light in this world, she was so very positive even when her situation seemed impossibly difficult. Alexei had a rare illness called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. There needs to be more research into EDS so that beautiful, wonderful, joyful, sarcastic, love to laugh girls that are only aged 22 don't die. PERIOD!
Alexa Simmons you will be missed by many many many friends and family members who will keep a little piece of you in their hearts for the rest of their lives, allowing you to live on through each of us since you were taken so young.
God must have needed you, but it's hard to accept that and not ask why.
Soli Deo Gloria
reformed girl


Scott Simmons said...

Dear Alexa -- you will live on in so many people's lives -- thanks for giving your mom, you sister and I 22 years of your beauty, compassion, and love. Will always love you -- Dad

Anonymous said...

Lex, you impacted so many ppl in so many ways. I beautiful person inside and out. Always there with support, a joke or a kind word...may you no longer feel pain where you are are greatly missed xx


Im watching this Girl Fight movie...
An Nobody Deserves Death...
But God Don't Like Ugly!!!
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