Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I told you I was bad at this blogging thing!

hello friends!
I'm sorry that I've failed epically about writing my blog but I'm hoping to get back into it.
According to my day plan it's TECHY TUESDAY!! So I'm to share about a website I like or a gadget I love or want to try out.
Today I'd like to talk about my iPad! I really really REALLY like my iPad!! The things I find useful about it is that the keyboard on the touchscreen requires very little pressure which is good when my hands are sore. There are some awesome health apps (applications) that I use:
mymedical is a medical archiving app where you can store everything from current and past medications, test results, manage scheduling for docs appts, document allergies and unsuccessful meds

pillboxie which is for meds and gives you an alarm to remind you to take your meds, normally I don't need this because I'm used to taking meds since I've been taking many of them since I was 12 (20 years ago, man I feel old!) but I am really really REALLY bad at taking my nighty injection (which is weird since I've taken it from age 4-16 and then 28 to now so you'd think I'd remember) so it's been a great reminder. it's very easy to use and was developed by a RN.

Relaxing Ambiance lite is a free app that has relaxing music but the function I like best is there is a mixer soundboard where you can create your own version of ambient music, my fav combo is thunderstorm, rain and wind chimes and it has a timer so my ipad isn't running all night.

As far as games go I have lots of drawing apps, two fav music apps are smule magic piano which lets you play piano with people from around the world or just by yourself and Soundrop which is a cool app where this ball drops and you create lines and when the ball hits the lines it makes different notes, ok that one is hard to explain but I think if you look there is a free version to try called Soundrop lite.

I love my kindle app because I love reading and I love that you can make the font very large and make it white writing on black which is really helpful with my learning disability.

I also enjoy listening to audiobooks on my iPad and have downloaded a few movies when they were on sale for $4.99 like Annie and RENT.

So that's my techy tuesday, I know there are more benefits of my iPad but I can't think of anymore at this time!! Brainfooooog! I need a lighthouse! If I think of anymore I will put them in the comments!
God bless you!

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