Saturday, March 26, 2011

Things that bug me when I'm out and about

I just thought I'd vent for a moment to myself and any poor human who comes across this, about how people (strangers) treat me when I'm out and about. Like a lot of spoonies, I don't leave my house as much as I did before I got sick. I tend to compile a list of things I have to do and make a battle plan like I'm invading France of what order of stores to go in, what can be at the bottom of the list incase I run out of steam, where to stop and rest, bathroom & snack breaks. When people are being annoying it can turn my proud moment of being out into a dreaded day of social torture.

Here are some examples:
-when people cross the street so they don't have to walk by you (especially when using a mobility aide!
- when random people ask "what's wrong with you?" gruffly as if it is their right to have full disclosure of my medical needs! I do not mind when people ask questions when they are respectful.
-telling your kids not to stare when you have been staring harder then they have
-grabbing your children from my path when I'm like 8 feet away! Like I would "sully" your child with my gimptastic germs and make them into a gimp too!!! I wonder how you act around gay people!! *eyeroll* I generally don't make a habit of running into people, especially children but I may be tempted by you, watch it!
-when people are patronizing because of my height (which is a massive 4'11"!!) or using me as a leaning post because I'm below your elbow, apart from being incredibly annoying, it hurts so much that I think really evil thoughts of you at that moment.
- I don't mind people reaching up on shelves to get me something and I have no problems with asking people passing by for a hand, but you my super zealous friend, who follows after me down every aisle to be helpful,( honestly it's creepy not helpful) and practically (as well as occasionally for real) knock me over in your exuberance to help. I really appreciate it but I can talk and ask for help if I need it. Also to that person, please don't get offended when you offer to help and I say no, im gonna use the professional breakup letdown, it's not you, it's me! Sometimes I just want to reclaim some independence I have lost, or know I CAN do it. So much gets taken out of my hands with this illness, sometimes I just need the control of doing it myself.
- staring when I get up because you didn't know I was disabled (I'm sorry! I must have left my neon "HEY! I'M A DISABLED CHICK WITH A CHRONIC ILLNESS" in my other jeans!!
-being told I'm too young/pretty/nice/creative to have an illness will not make it go away.
- I actually had someone ask if my crutches were real or just a fashion statement.....seriously? 'nuf said!
Whew I feel better! I always try to remember that people just want to help or they haven't met anyone with a disability in their life.

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I needed this today, thanks!