Friday, January 30, 2009


I am so discusted with myself and my spirit of grumbling,impatience, complaining and doubt. I have repented to our God, hoping and trusting that He will forgive me once again for my numerous numerous sins and short-givings and now I ask you my brothers and sisters to pray for me.

In my return home from my appointment my return trip did not go remotely as I had planned, my train was over an hour and a half late and I was panicked. Generally I get off the train and take a cab or city bus (which are on strike at the moment) to the intercity bus station and then I have about a half hour until my bus leaves for the small town I live in. Well that was not going to be a possibility.
Before even asking or checking in with friends I was worried.

What is it about my fickle, feeble mind that I cannot keep it into my head not to worry, that there is a PLAN to everything!! It is so frustrating to me, and the fact that annoys me the most is that I KNOW I am spiraling! I know what I am doing and while I tell myself NOT to it seems like I am being sucked in, everytime. EVERYTIME!!! 

What IS that? 

I am very thankful to God for the friends that I have and whether my trip home was delayed or not I would have returned home to love and welcoming and for that I am truly, truly thankful. 

I am so filled with gratitude that everything seemed to fit together, like they always do whether or not it is in accordance with MY plan or not.

When am I going to realize that all things come together in a perfect plan?
When will I throw my PRIDE out the window?
MY plan
MY will
MY ideas
MY timeline

I want my life to be about HIM!
HIS plan!!
HIS Will!!
HIS timeline!!!

I throw away my will and cling to the one that chose me.
He is so good and I praise Him.

Thank you for your continuing prayers for me. 

Soli Deo Gloria

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Bud Driver said...

AMEN I sure will be praying for yew young'n