Tuesday, April 7, 2009

a bad blogger I be!

Hello dear friends!
I am afraid I am not very good at this blog thing.
I think of it often, in my daily existance things come up and I think "wow I'll have to write about that on my blog" and then inevitably the moment passes or I have trouble typing.

There are times when I look at other blogs and have what I have dubbed "blogenvy" (I know! I am so original eh?) because they have a clear theme and I do not. Ihope to be putting more scripture into my blog but not in a forced way.

I am hoping to blog more faithfully in the next few months. I really do enjoy it. It just takes energy and skills which I have not possessed in a few weeks.

Here's to new beginings and more blogging!
Thanks for stopping by!

REformed girl


Caf said...

i think staying true to you is as clear a theme as any blog needs...everyone's lives change in some way constantly, it's hard to nail down a personal blog to just one thing...I say if it takes your fancy then I'm happy to read your take on...WHATEVER :P

Timothy said...

I enjoy your blog, don't change anything. Keep it random,,Tim,,Q