Tuesday, May 26, 2009

i hath returned!

I haven't blogged in a long time, lots to do, many vacations and travels, stemming all from the need to see a specialist 6 hours away from my home. Some people may see it as a hastle to have to travel that far away for a 30 minute appointment but I got a lot of joy out of it. I visited with many friends and had a great time!
I've been thinking about how lucky I am, that God would see fit to be in this life of mine that is total shambles, totally depraved and totally sinful and use it, truly use it, for His Glory. that is my highest wish.
I have felt in the past that I do not know enough about the bible to be a proper Christian, but God is so good to have put people in my life for the betterment and encouragement of myself.
I am deeply thankful for a virtual game called Second Life, because it has truly changed me in that the people I have met and the good news that has been shared with me in a forum that I never thought possible. I have learned things from some of my friends on Second Life that I never would have thought I would be interested in!
I'm becoming a deeper person, a more educated person and it's all because of a "game"!
God is so good and He never ceases to amaze me in what he uses to get things into this thick little skull of mine.
I never thought it would be in a game though!


Eddie Eddings said...

Glad you are back! Why not tell us a little about the "game". You have my curiousity light flashing. My son works for a gaming company and I was once addicted to a certain game called, "City of Heroes". I had to quit cold turkey because it was consuming all my spare time! I would get up early and stay awake late nights playing this. It also caused a lot of trouble with the wife...so I would like to know what kind of game can have this effect. (not that I would play it, but, it might make a nice gift for gamers I happen to know)


This is Hope for all 2006 and I just want to tell you I really loved your poem it really cuts deep and I do know exactly what you feel inside and out you read the my blog that doesnt say all but RSD/CRPS full-body is hell on earth for sure.

If I get better I want to have a group of my own again I really miss that.

When my step mom was dying I had to do the group that took off like hot cakes and I want to do that again but right now Im way to sick!

I will write you again please write too and take care !I havent gone to sleep yet its early morning just went through another scary and most painfull night as so many of them are!
I will say some prayers and send them your way! From HOPE FOR ALL 2006!